Facility Shutdown


If the assignment of shutting down your company’s facility has been placed in your hands, HKLiquidations can save you time and money when you choose our office liquidation services. You won’t have to work with different liquidation companies that may only evacuate certain types or brands of products – we remove them all. HKLiquidations has removed an assortment of items varying from: network cables, wire racking, electrical components, office furniture, lab furniture, warehouse equipment, condensers, AC units and almost anything else from top to bottom. We can assist building owners and property management groups, in restoring their offices, to again make them lease ready.





We are Principal asset liquidation specialists. We don’t exclusively focus on commodities like PCs or laptops, our teams are proficient at liquidating an extensive scope of your assets, including: SMT equipment, telephone systems, datacenter PDUs, Light Industrial equipment, network equipment, environmental chambers, point of sale systems, printers, datacenter AC units, servers, UPSs, software, testers as well as raised flooring.



The closing of: company owned, leased facilities, buildings or plants is a paramount task with a lot of moving parts. Within most companies there are overlying areas of responsibility from various departments where primary assets are concerned. HKliquidations can help you manage and simplify the process. We’ll work in conjunction with your company’s various stakeholders (I.T. Managers, Production Managers, Finance Managers, etc.) in order to efficiently meet time line goals that may be centered around: Tax considerations (end-of-year valuations), Building owner deadlines, Lease Terms or Asset buyer’s terms in order to satisfy all parties involved. With experience managing everything from specialty equipment, office furniture, data center machinery, inventory or computer equipment, our asset recovery specialist can lessen the degree of difficulty within the process, by proficiently managing all the variables in performing a successful shutdown. Our services are fashioned to meet your distinct company needs.

Please contact us to schedule a meeting or to set up a conference call to discuss how our expertise can be utilized to best suit your needs, whether shutting down a facility or to plan a technology migration. Call us at (214)-997-3083. We look forward to working with you. Your time and energy is best spent elsewhere, concentrate on what’s important and leave the heavy lifting to us.

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