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HK Liquidations LLC is the authorized Dallas / Fort Worth agent working on behalf of our sister company Computer Recycling LLC. We are a leader in responsible IT Asset recycling and retirement solutions for businesses — both large and small — and institutions across the Midwest. We are centrally located in Kansas City, Missouri with collection facilities in Dallas Texas and San Diego California and have been in the business for over 15 years. Our company is customer focused and we will work with your company to provide the right disposition solution that fits your situation, whether it is a simple pickup at one location, to full service asset auditing, multiple site pickups, multiple company auditing, data eradication, packaging and/or shipping. Choosing an IT asset recycling and retirement partner is a significant decision. We have earned the trust of our clients and we are eager to prove, through our people, technology and processes, that we can earn your trust as well – serving as your responsible, secure and reliable IT asset recycling and retirement partner.


Our goals for our customers are:


  • To maximize value from recoverable equipment
  • To meet data security requirements for the organization
  • To meet environmental regulation requirements for the organization
  • To meet any required reporting requirements for your organization
  • To integrate easily with your existing handling and disposal processes
  • To improve your organization’s return on investment on IT assets


Safety as a Priority – a philosophy of actively managing safety to protect people and assets with everyone in the business accepting safety responsibility.

Respect for People as Unique Individuals –encouraging diversity, personal responsibility for performance, protection of individual integrity, and not condoning actions that demean others.

Teamwork – a working environment that delivers better performance for all through trust, transparency, understanding, support and mutual cooperation.

Performance Focus – We will nurture an environment of excellence, actively managing, recognizing and rewarding the performance of individuals, teams and the business in pursuit of outperformance.