Computer Recycling

Environmentally friendly disposal should be a vital component to every asset management program. We partner with you to ensure your electronics, batteries, and other potentially hazardous materials are disposed of in a safe and responsible manner. We provide you with accurate, useful guidance on all compliance issues. HKLiquidations addresses the primary issues that concern most corporations, with regard to excess or obsolete assets, by limiting the company’s liabilities. We provide the optimum liability protection where you need it the most – Data Security and Asset Recycling. The improper disposal of electronic equipment or the reselling of scrapped materials in an unmanaged manner is an enormous legal and environmental liability. HKLiquidation’s ValidTrack system along with downstream auditing protocols provides you with the finest liability control possible. As an e waste solution provider, HKLiquidations maintains a no landfill policy and adheres to standards that meet local, state and federal guidelines. Our R2 certified downstream recycling partners meet or exceed those standards as well. Compliance is our policy, without exception.


Keep Your E-Waste Out of the Landfill